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Community Management meets WEB3

Get one step closer to your community and welcome them into WEB3 with our tool.

At WEBX+, you can create and manage your own NFT collections. Through NFTs, your customers will be able to join our platform and get exclusive access to new content and limited rewards.

And just in a few clicks!

We help you

Web What? Meta Who? We support you in the vocabulary chaos and show you what's behind it. With our practical use cases, we take you step by step into the new meta world. Together with you, we play through relevant scenarios and accompany you in your first concrete project in WEB3.

For a perfect overview in the meta jungle.

Get to know the new world
Step by step.

With our individual hands-on workshops, we prepare you for the new world in the metaverse and introduce you to the latest topics around WEB3. Together, we will develop use cases tailored to your needs to help you move safely and sustainably in the future world

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How to NFT
basic Infos
basic Infos

Basic Workshop

In ourBasic Workshop we pick you up from scratch and take you on a learning journey from WEB2 to WEB3. Here you will learn why the Metaverse is the future, how to interact with it and how to use it for you and your community. First hands-on experiences round off the basic workshop.

After this workshop you will be well prepared to enter the Metaverse.

Advanced Workshop

After you have learned all the relevant basics about the Metaverse in our BasicWorkshop, you will get a deep dive in our Advanced Workshop.  We show you the technical components behind the innovation and how you can use them successfully. Together we will develop a strategy for your individual use casein the metaverse.

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